500 pages a day, makes one Buffett

Caught with the reading bug, I started exploring books. Being in the investment field, one cannot escape the unshakeable wisdom from Warren Buffett, the most revered person in the world of investments.

However, I faced few obstacles — several of Buffett’s recommended titles are not available in physical form, and few are available in the expensive hardcover format on Amazon India’s website. It dawned upon me that it is the age of all things shared and virtual.

E-reading has both pros and cons. Though I am biased towards physical reading, I am indifferent to Kindle. I have compared below, the availability and price of Buffett recommended books, across formats: Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle.

It turns out that Kindle has a wider selection of titles and naturally lower cost of reading. What an irony it is: I shall soon be reading age old-wisdom with the help of some futuristic gadget. Old wine, new bottle, eh!



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